Grow Your Brand With EaseText Text-to-Speech Converter!


Text-to-speech is an innovative new technology that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to convert text into audio files using AI voices. Using this technology, you can use pre-trained voices to read the text.

EaseText text to speech generator is a software that uses this TTS technology and takes it up a notch! Using this software, you can use 1300+ pre-trained voices or train your AI voice! As many users use pre-trained agents, personalized AI voice should be a no-brainer choice if you want your content to stand out!

However, let’s discuss how personalized AI voice can help you grow your business or help you establish brand authority.

Grow Your Brand Using Your AI Clones and Text-to-Speech Converter!

First, we need to understand your goals for your brand. If you want to create marketing campaigns with substantial social media ads for your business and if you have the budget for it, then undoubtedly, professional voice-over artists would be the best choice.

However, do you know how much they charge? How much can you afford, and for how many campaigns? Don’t you think an AI that does the job more efficiently and, most notably, at an inexpensive rate would be the better choice?

But there’s a catch! Most AI voices can’t express rhetorical devices as well as a human. Anyhow, it gets the job done if your budget is low. So, you need to decide first what you want to do.

In our opinion, the best choice would be to create a main video content that features a human voice-over artist and then create many short or long-form content around that focus content using AI. This way, you can have the benefits of both worlds!

With the EaseText text-to-speech generator, you can train the software to clone your voice using only 2-minute recordings of you talking! The complete step-by-step guide on training your AI voice clone is available on the hyperlinked site above.

These clones can help your brand in many ways:

Customer Engagement

Customized voice clones targeted to specific audiences can help you grow customer or viewer engagement of your brand. If you’re a business owner, this tailored content will be able to help you grow your business.

Global Reach

Hiring voice-over artists for multiple languages is very expensive. EaseText TTS generator can help you create content in more than 30 languages! So, you can reach global markets at a much lower marketing cost!

Efficient Content Production

Have you seen YouTube clips where someone narrates a Reddit thread or a story? Do you need a human to do that? Not really!

AI can create these types of content very efficiently. In the EaseText TTS generator, there’s a batch conversion mode where you can generate a whole batch of content simultaneously! All you have to do is collect the stories and create a collection; the EaseText generator will do the rest for you.

Brand Consistency

A central selling point of the EaseText TTS generator is that you can easily clone your voice. An AI clone of your voice should help with brand consistency as your brand grows. This will also give a humane touch to your content and help retain content engagement.

Still not convinced? Download the software and try it out for free! If you like the output, you can subscribe; if not, just uninstall it from your device!


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