Lintechtt F3 Card Dispenser: Complete Features


The Lintechtt F3 card dispenser is a cornerstone piece of technology in the evolving landscape of access control. This innovative device is not just a mechanism for distributing access cards; it’s a gateway to enhanced security and streamlined operations in a variety of settings.

Let’s dive into how the F3 card dispenser stands as a testament to the advances in access management, promising reliability and efficiency for today’s security-conscious world.

Design and Operation

The F3 card dispenser is crafted with a keen eye on functionality, embodying a sleek and pragmatic design.

It’s engineered to handle ID-1 size cards, which are the standard dimensions for most identification cards, and is versatile enough to manage a variety of card thicknesses, ranging from the delicate 0.2mm to a more robust 1.2mm.

This adaptability ensures that whether you’re dispensing thin visitor badges or sturdier access cards, the F3 can accommodate with precision and ease.

Integration Capabilities

The F3 card dispenser is well-versed in the language of technology, catering to a range of cards including the widely recognized S50 and S70, to the NTAG series.

It doesn’t stop there — with a nod to traditionalism, it supports contact IC cards such as the SLE4442 and SAM card, ensuring that they meet the varied needs of today’s market.

Whether your card operates on a tap or a slot-in, the F3 stands ready to communicate effectively, making it a pivotal tool in the modern era of access control.

Key Features of F3 Card Dispenser

The F3 card dispenser is an embodiment of precision and adaptability. Its unique transfer wheel design ensures that each card, regardless of its embossed characters, is issued accurately and smoothly.

This precision instrument deftly adjusts to accommodate a variety of card thicknesses, demonstrating remarkable flexibility to meet diverse needs. The compact nature of the design belies its robust functionality, ensuring that it doesn’t demand excessive space. Furthermore, the integrated reclaim card tank simplifies card management remarkably.

At its core, a sophisticated multi-sensor detection system operates tirelessly, providing a fail-safe mechanism that keeps operations running efficiently and without interruption.

Durability and Adaptability

Lintechtt’s F3 card dispenser offers extreme durability for many environments. The card channel, crafted from high-strength engineering plastic, promises steadfast performance for consistent RF card reading and writing.

Complementing this is the industry-grade surface treatment, which arms the dispenser with a resistance to wear and tear, be it from physical contact or environmental elements. This durability ensures that whether exposed to dust, moisture, or temperature extremes, the F3 stands resilient, making it an ideal fit for a variety of challenging environmental conditions.

Applications in Different Sectors

The versatility of the F3 card dispenser by Lintechtt is a testament to its adaptability across various sectors. In the realm of parking systems, this robust machine streamlines the process of card issuance, facilitating a smoother entry and exit experience for drivers.

When it comes to self-service machines, the dispenser’s reliability ensures quick and effortless transactions for customers.

Furthermore, it’s a linchpin in automatic ticketing machines, where its precision and durability ensure that the flow of people through transport systems or event entrances is both secure and efficient. These applications underscore the F3’s integral role in modern automated systems.

Final Verdict

The Lintechtt F3 card dispenser would be ideal for anyone looking for the comfort of modern access control at an affordable price. The adaptability and precision this dispenser offers make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

So, what is your final verdict for this card dispenser? Let us know in the comments!


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