What Are The Suitable Types of Mobile Crushers for Processing Minerals


A simple visit to this URL, https://mesdagroup.com/crusher.html, on your browser will lead you to a page filled with different types of crushers you can choose from. Mobile crushers, as the name implies, are mechanical equipment made majorly for the purpose of crushing materials. While the first and main purpose of a mobile crusher is to crush materials, the modern crushers now have more functions like sorting the crushed Materials into different sizes and even transporting them to their locations. Because of the multiple tasks of mobile crushers in this age and time,  many people wish they could use their mobile crushers for different purposes. One of the most common purposes of a mobile crusher is to process minerals.

Different types of crushers exist globally, each having its features, advantages, and disadvantages. Choosing one is usually a daunting decision you may face before selecting the best machine. However, it’s always best to make the right choice because a crusher is not a device you can get just anywhere. If you want to know the best crusher for your mineral processing, it depends on the mineral you want to process and other factors. Some of the types of mobile crushers available today include;

Mobile cone crusher

A cone crusher, which most people refer to as a conical crusher, is there to help you crush rocks. This crusher works by breaking the rock between a bowl and a rotating head. The machine has two jaws it uses to break the rocks easily. It’s hard before you see a rock that has to get broken two times at the jaw. Usually, there is a mantle that has a large resistance to wear on the rotating head, so you don’t necessarily need to have a fear of it getting damages quickly. ¬†After that, the conical crusher has other crushing stages that reduce the rock’s size until it is fine enough to pass through a narrow path.

Mobile jaw crusher

The mobile jaw crusher is probably one of the most common and most efficient crushers available globally. It is popular because most times, a jaw crusher is needed; you need it for an industrial reason. This crusher type only works in the primary crushing stage. That means it can only crush abrasive material to be used industrially. As the name implies, the crusher works with its jaws. These jaws come in the form of plates

With these plates, a rock gets in between and gets extremely broken and crushed into the desired size.

Roll moving crushers

Mobile impact crusher

Sometimes, you don’t exactly have a particular size for the materials you want to crush. Amongst all crusher types available, the mobile impact crusher is the type of crusher that is usually the one that can work as a primary tertiary or secondary crusher. The crusher has hammers and plates, which it uses to crush into the different crushing stages. When the material enters the machine, it gets to the Hammers, continually hitting it until it gets to the size you want.


Crusher machines are gradually getting popular today, but their popularity is not ending. With the different types of crushers available, producers only need to use the one they deem fit for whatever purpose.


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