How Long Should Honor Smartphone Battery Last?


A smartphone battery isn’t designed to last forever as they are naturally made. If you wonder how long a regular smartphone battery is meant to last, your answer is here. A regular smartphone battery should last for 3 to 5 years, depending on several factors associated with the battery.

One factor that has a major impact on your battery life is how you charge said battery. Your charging habits can determine whether your battery lasts for a year or longer. Another factor is how you use your smartphone. The more frequently you use the phone, the more drained the battery becomes. Also, if you engage in activities that consume battery power, such as watching videos and playing games, your battery’s life span won’t last long.

As you read this article, you will be introduced to how you can prolong your smartphone battery life, but before moving on, here are a few signs to watch out for to know whether your smartphone battery is dying.

  • How long your phone remains fully charged.
  • The percentage of your smartphone’s battery power after being charged for a while; if it doesn’t reach 100%, you need a replacement.
  • The temperature of your phone as you charge; hot phones/battery for no apparent reasons indicates wearing out.

4 Ways To Prolong Your Honor Smartphone Battery Life

Avoid charging your phone overnight

No matter how tempting it may be to leave your phone plugged in till the next day, don’t! Charging your smartphone battery overnight is bad news because when your phone gets to 100%, you will probably still be asleep and overcharging tends to reduce the battery’s total lifespan. This is why battery manufacturers usually tell the amount of charge present in batteries.

Stick to using Honor smartphone’s charger

Your smartphone typically comes with its own official charger that you must use to charge your smartphone. However, in some cases, the charger may get spoilt or stolen, so you should get a similar type to your original charger. This is because using a charger that isn’t created for your phone could have a negative impact on your phone’s battery life. An official charger will regulate the amount of current delivered to your phone while charging and stop it from charging further when fully charged, whereas unofficial chargers are not as safe.

Keep Honor smartphone in cool conditions

You may believe that batteries perform worse when cold, but that is not actually true. Keeping your smartphone battery cool and using it in cool temperatures is healthier for your smartphone battery. High temperatures reduce battery life, so you definitely don’t want to expose your smartphone to the sun or leave it overheated while charging. If you notice your phone operating slower than usual when cool, it is normal, and the change is minimal without any connection to battery damage.

Avoid completely draining your battery to 0%

Batteries are usually more pressured when they are 100% charged or at 0%, but they feel balanced at 50%. This is why it is prudent never to leave your smartphone totally dead and keep it charged between 20% to 80% even if you use a smartphone as pricey as the iPhone series’ costs or like honor 8c mobile price.


The above four ways to help prolong your smartphone battery life help ensure you get the best of your smartphone battery. You can also measure the battery health of your Android phone with the AccuBattery app or any other app that can help monitor your battery health. The same applies to iPhone users, but the AccuBattery app is only for Android phones.


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