How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone


The mobile phone is one of the most significant contributions of modern technology to our everyday lives. Its importance is almost immeasurable, and its uses are pretty superb. Mobile phones have improved a lot since their introduction, and they now prove to be something we can hardly do without in our day-to-day activities. Smartphones do not only perform as a means of communication between persons. They are capable of much more, and you can use them to perform improved tasks like browsing the internet, playing media files, taking photos, sharing files, and a lot more. This article will teach you expert tips on how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone devices easily.

Over the years, different types of mobile phones have been introduced, each having unique qualities that make them easier to use while also improving the user experience. These phones differ in specific ways, including their functionality, interface, and structure, But they are also similar in some ways, and they possess some standard features. The most outstanding mobile phone types available today are the android and iPhone devices, and they both have certainly been helpful to their users.

Difference Between Android And iPhone Devices 

While android and iPhone devices have both strived to make telecommunication a lot better, they are very different, and both have certain features that makes them unique. Some significant differences between both devices include:

  • They have different operating systems. And while androids use the android OS, iPhones run on IOS.
  • Androids are made by multiple manufacturing companies, while Apple owns iPhones.
  • The applications are different for both. Although they may use the same applications, they cannot function if swapped.
  • iPhone applications are mostly gotten from the Apple Store, while most Android applications can only be downloaded from the Play store.

The differences between these two devices are pretty pronounced, and it is almost as challenging to transfer specific files like contacts between both devices.

How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone Devices 

Here are quick and easy steps to follow if you wish to transfer your contacts from an android to an iPhone device.

  • Go to Play Store on the android device and download the Move To IOS app.
  • Go to Mail in the settings of your iPhone device. Enter your Google account and click on ‘sync account.’ Make sure your contact checker is turned on during this process.

You can also transfer your contacts from an android to an iPhone device using your sim card. All you need to do is:

  • Copy your contacts to the sim card on the android phone.
  • Remove the sim card from the android phone and insert it in your iPhone device.
  • Go to Settings on your iPhone device. Click on ‘contacts’, and click on ‘import sim contacts’.


Transferring contacts from android to iPhone devices is easy but can prove quite tricky if you do not know how to go about it. Thankfully, the simple steps discussed in this article will help you transfer contacts between these two devices without many problems.


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